Working at wannseeFORUM

After two days of field work in Berlin we needed one day to share our results with the other groups. Since we had worked hard on our posters the night before, we used the time in the morning for making the last preparations.

During a two hour meeting all of us had the opportunity to capture the attention of the others by presenting the stories of their interviewees. Even in the lunch break the students were very busy with writing a summary for each interview. These are going to be reviewed and published on our blog as well.
Later, the task was to think more abstractly and find out the mechanisms of repression both in the interviews and in our personal life, which some found quite difficult. But after this we began with the most interactive part of our seminar: the work with different media. We are now split up into three new groups, one preparing a roundtable discussion for Thursday when we will meet Róża Thun, and the other two producing a short movie while working with different media.

At the last get together of the day the students showed incredible energy and humour which they later used during a spontaneous jam session in the main hall.

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