It is quiet and empty  here at the wannseeFORUM. The Summer Academy has come to an end and everybody has left for his/her home country. Yesterday was such a great day for us! Not only the sun was shining, but we also had the final presentations, went to have dinner at a fancy restaurant and stayed awake through the night just to say goodbye to all the people leaving early for the airport. There is a more detailed blog entry about what we’ve done on our last day coming next week, as well as a brand new section with the movie productions. But for now, we are all tired and should get some sleep 😉

Thanks a lot to all of you who organized or participated in the Berlin Summer Academy! It was wonderful to have you here and hopefully the end of this History Workshop doesn’t mean that everything is over now: we will surely keep in touch!

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1 Response to Goodbye!

  1. I allready miss you guys ! The breackfast is not the same without you

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