Day 3, part two: Vná, somewhere in the mountains…

If they thought that Ftan was small, Vná definitely topped that off: 60 inhabitans and more cows than people. But let us read what Dorotea, Lory, Ilmars, Martyna and Rebecca told us about their visit:

“Our group visited the village Vná. After having prepared some questions concerning the farm that expected us, we went off by bus. In Vná, which is 300m higher than Scuol, we were greeted by an amazing sunlight as well as by our guide Mrs Mayer. Mrs Mayer showed us the village and had lots of interesting stories to tell about its past, its traditions and the way people live here today.

After the church and the local museum, we visited the farm that is run by Mrs Mayer’s  family and had the opportunity to learn about a different way of farming than we had heard of so far. Her farming activities mostly consist of cow breeding in order to sell the meat while the milk is exclusively used to nurture the calves. The food for the cows is also home-grown and consists mostly of hay so that the farmer’s tasks are divided into working in the stable and working on the field.

Again, thanks to Mrs. Mayer for this great tour and all the interesting details about the village and especially about her farm she shared with us. After concluding the excursion with hot chocolate in a café in the middle of the village and thoroughly enjoying the sun, we went back to our youth hostel in Scuol.”

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