Day 5: There will be cheese…

That day was promised to be the “food processing” day, so we expected lots of possibilities to have something to eat. In the morning we went to a cookery course in another town, where we had the opportunity to learn about the Engadine cuisine and help to make a traditional soup we later had for lunch.

In the afternoon we split into four groups and went on the Amazing Race for the last time. The first group went to visit Tschlin in order to find out more about the local brand marketing and food production.

The second group visited the Hotel Belvedere in Scuol and got an insight about how it is like to work for the touristic scene in the Engadine.

For the third and the second group it was all about cheese: One group visited a bigger cheese factory that also produced other dairy products in Bever and the other a small, private one in Lavin, where the group left with a big amount of Swiss cheese.

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3 Responses to Day 5: There will be cheese…

  1. Martyna says:

    hmm, so briefly 😉 actually it was a day I would have most to say about 😀 maybe just a comment that we nearly exploded after so many dishes to taste at the cookery course, and our experience when splited into the groups… irreplaceble 😀

  2. eustory says:

    Dear Martyna, since we didn’t go with all the groups we couldn’t make it longer. But feel free to report about your part of the amazing race her!

  3. Martyna says:

    I know, I know 🙂 it’s hard to mention everything 🙂

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