Here we gooooo! :)

Hi, virtual Eustory friends! We are Mila and Vaya from Bulgaria – the EUSTORY alumni who are going to keep you in touch with everything going on this week during the last but not least EUSTORY Academy for the year – the one in Bulgaria. We are getting the information straight from the horse mouth and giving it all to you. Enjoy! 🙂

10.10.10 – the happiest day of the year is the date we chose for a flying start of our Youth Academy in Sofia. The cold weather didn’t stop us from making a warm welcome of our new friends from all over Europe. Although today was only our getting-to know-each-other day we already started to conquer Sofia. Alina and Diana from Romania, Sofia and Benjamin from Finland, Jane from Estonia and Lenka from Slovakia are now showing off their photos from our exhausting tour in the capital city. Their legs might hurt now but they’ve created a great first impression already. After the long walk there was no better way to end the day than having a delicious Bulgarian meal for dinner. Ida and Martin from Denmark, Anna from Germany, Carmine from Italy, Marta from Spain, Agata from Poland and Nikola and Mariya from Serbia couldn’t make it for the tour but they joined us just on time for supper. A few minutes ago Nils from Germany entered our small society with his big suitcase. But the night is still young. We’re waiting for you, Meta and Mara!


Time to say "HELLO"


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1 Response to Here we gooooo! :)

  1. Jane says:

    Jane from Estonia ? Well thats nice !!! 🙂

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