The Last Judgement

After meeting representatives of different religions we all thought there was nothing more that could impress us any more. And of course, we were wrong! 🙂 A whole new world invaded our minds when we arrived at Bachkovo’s monastery situated close to the city of Plovdiv.

Once we entered past the monastery’s walls it was the calmness and silence which stroke us. We couldn’t even believe it is possible in our modern dynamic life to find a place where you can actually hear the silence. We had a tour in the monastery and the premises belonging to it. We had a look at all important icons and wall paintings. The whole Bible was painted on the walls in an astonishing way which impressed everyone.

A sip of holy water at the yard and a group picture – that was the way we ended our trip there. Another half an hour of traveling, quick supper and again back to work to share what we had done during the day. We all greeted the night tired, but excited of what the next morning was about to offer us.

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1 Response to The Last Judgement

  1. Marion says:

    Dear Eustorians,
    Thank you very much for the very interesting Eustory blog. I’ve read it ervery day. I liked watching the photos and getting informations, what you have made and learned in this week.
    Thanks to all the people who are organizing such an event for young people in Europe.
    Marion Lohoff-Börger
    P.S. Greetings to my daughter Anna of Germany, I’m very happy to see her tomorrow.

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