“This is absolute nonsense!” – visiting the synagogue in Plovdiv

The next group, represented by Мeta, Martin, Nikola and Benjamin,  visited the Synagogue in Plovdiv. That is how they experienced the interview:

“We met the guides early in the morning, and walked around the city on a short tour guide and a visit to a little history museum, which had exhibits from 500 BC to the end of the middle ages. When we arrived at the Synagogue four elderly Jews from the spiritual Jewish council in Plovdiv were waiting for us. After a bit of introduction from both parts the interview began. The atmosphere was very relaxed compared to our experience in the synagogue in Sofia, and the Jews weren’t afraid to kid around. We felt right at home. The interview went smoothly without any bumps on the road. We had all of our questions answered properly and they even asked us some. They really enlightened us about some myths we heard about Jewish traditions even telling us that some of these were nonsense. Our translator got all the essential points across, and we were very satisfied with the answers. After the interview we left and  visited an interesting underground pub in the middle of Plovdiv, where we discussed the experience over a cup of coffee. It was a good and informative interview.”

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