Potatoes rule Europe!

It may come a bit out of nowhere, since in Bulgaria we are only discussing the cooperation between different religions,  but there is one remain of the Swiss academy that must also be mentioned here.

Before coming to the academy all participants had the task to look for a potato recipe typical of their families or countries. They send in recipes for potatoes salads from Germany and Estonia, pierogi from Poland or a stew from Serbia and potatoe cakes from Sweden..

And here are the results, we would be glad if you would try some of the recipes and give us a feedback about how you liked them! Enjoy! Here are the Recipes

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1 Response to Potatoes rule Europe!

  1. Anna says:

    Okay, I was finally able to try some of the potato recipes gathered together in Scuol.
    From a little bit over two kilos of potatoes i cooked Tatiana’s Potato Dumplings, Sofia’s Potato cakes, Martyna’s ´Russian´dumplings and Germán’s Tortilla de patatas.
    I think that all three dishes turned out okay, at leat the taste was delicious! 🙂 Tatiana’s Potato Dumplings was a completely new recipe for me so I’m not sure if my result was the way it should be; about the other three recipes I knew something already before I started cooking.
    Sofia’s Potatisplättar tasted like home, maybe because of the Scandinavian touch in the recipe. 😉
    There are still many recipes left to try! Next one on my cooking list is Lory’s potato stew, which I was actually supposed to try already today but couldn’t because I ran out of time and energy – and also potatoes 😀

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