Exile – an eternal story?

IMG_9736 [Desktop Auflösung]Hear this tale as old as time
Another soul in exile
Young man is standing by the shore
He cannot take it anymore
The days are looking all the same
nothing can take away the pain

If from the regime he does not flee
He surely in prison shall be

Without kids, without wife
He has to start a new life

What is the next step for him
No other choice but to swim!

Home of the brave, land of the free
This is where he wants to be

Lots of sweat awaits
Many drops of tears it takes

To settle at this sunny coast
You need to convince the host

On the shore there is a border
Authority keeps law and order

Within the cross salvation lies
Red, the color implies.

Begging for mercy, searching for aid

In need of clothes and a full plate.

It must be legal, it must be neat,
Stamps in his forms he will need.

For weeks and weeks
Permission he seeks.

After months of trying in vain,
At last the green card he’ll gain.

Another task lies ahead,
how to earn himself some bread.

He cannot get an interview,
The language barrier is still true.

He met an American bitchtroll from hell

There’s only so much rejection one can take,
After a time, there are decisions to make

Again he meets the iron fist,
justice does not exist.

It’s not so easy, you hopeless fool
Step back, this land is already full.

And so our hero perishes in the sea,
Forever this story valid will be.

IMG_9746 [Desktop Auflösung]

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