Exile – A State of Mind?

We were together for a week in Madrid aiming to find out more about the phenomenon of “exile”, talking with many different people about their very different experiences with exile, differing in reasons or places to leave. We were comparing and discussing definitions from encyclopedias from different countries, trying to frame exile, to differ it from migration or asylum. We informed ourselves about legal terms, the conditions of asylum in Europe today, we were digging in European history to find events of exiles with common elements.

But the more information we got, the more we struggled to find a common definition. And to be honest: We failed in that respect.

But… We would like to share the things we actually found out. So read in our magazine “El Exilio” about our interviews, find out which type of exile you would be, our final report and many pictures. I want to thank all participants for their contributions but I want to thank especially Carsten who spent much time – even after the seminar – to give the magazine a professional layout.

If you have any comments on our results, the definition or others, please feel free to comment and try to come up a definition yourself!

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4 Responses to Exile – A State of Mind?

  1. Lorenz says:

    Great work! Thanks a lot to Carsten&co!

  2. and we all had influence on the contents what makes it even greater 😉

  3. Katharina Trettenbach says:

    I can just join the comments made above and thank Carsten and everyone who finished the magazine with its contents and layout, I hope visitors of the Blog while reading will get an impression of what an interesting week we had!


  4. Marta Remacha says:

    great job, I was really impressed!!
    Thank you very much for all your work – it just brought me back some very good memories 😉

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