Day 4: Ronda’s next Top…

After taking a stand (physically) on issues connected to stereotypes and the image of the other during the I agree / I disagree discussion the afternoon of this Thursday was dedicated to get closer to the final result of the seminar: An animation in the style of the RSA Animates.

IMG_5576 KopieFinding the topic to explain, developing the concept and a storyline consisting of images and text is hard work and we wanted to get as many ideas and images as possible. So after a brief theatre exercise, where the participants had to replay famous movies in 5 scenes, six groups started to develop their storyboards. The idea of the team was to chose the best two out of the six that were presented and to start the production. (Un-)fortunately all six of them were really good, so the jury took longer to come up with a Salomonian judgement call: To merge and combine all the good ideas of the six groups into to animates: One about the use of stereotypes in a historical context and another about coexistence and convivencía with the example of Ceuta. Production can start tomorrow!!

IMG_5612 Kopie IMG_5610 Kopie IMG_5607 Kopie IMG_5605 Kopie IMG_5600 Kopie IMG_5586 Kopie

IMG_5617 Kopie

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