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“I have the feeling that certain borders and boundaries, that were torn down in history are being built again”, Tamara about feeling European in times of crisis and her idea of a united Europe

Name: Tamara Čakić Age: 22 Hometown: Maribor Country: Slovenia EUSTORY experiences: Berlin 2009, Minsk 2010, Internet seminar – Chernobyl 2010/11, Berlin 2011, Madrid 2011. Actual occupation/studies: 4th year of International Relations As most of the Eustory alumni, Tamara loves traveling … Continue reading

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Building Bridges through Europe – Germán about his Erasmus year in Ghent, Eustory friendships, ‘los indignados’ and the current crisis in Europe

Name: Germán Jiménez Montes Age: 21 Hometown: Seville Country: Spain Eustory experience: Switzerland 2010, Hamburg, Berlin and Madrid 2011 Current Occupation: Erasmus Student of History at the University of Ghent Germán is living in Ghent today, 2025 km from Seville and he still sees connections and … Continue reading

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Dita: “Eustory made the borders disappear – now they are some lines on the map and nothing more.”

Name: Dita Bētere Age: 21 Hometown: Balvi Country: Latvia Eustory experience: Gdansk 2009, Minsk 2010, Berlin 2011 Current Occupation: studies German language and literature at the University of Latvia Dita comes from Latvia – a lovely Baltic state, a country … Continue reading

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Bulgarian, European and above all Eustorian: Mariella on the coziness of Europe and the unfairness of history

Name:  Mariella Bogdanova Age: 18 Hometown: Gotse Delchev Country: Bulgaria EUSTORY experiences: EUSTORY Summer Academy Berlin 2011, EUSTORY General Assembly 2012 in Hamburg Actual occupation/studies: Senior student Math and Computer Sciences In the 21st century, a century marked by the … Continue reading

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Europe in High-Resolution: Ondřej about the change of perspectives through travelling

Name: Ondřej Kolínský Age: 22 Hometown: Prague Country: Czech Republic EUSTORY experiences: Gdansk 2009, Minsk 2010 + Internet project on Chernobyl, Berlin 2011, Madrid 2011 Actual occupation/studies: MSc in Economics, Tilburg University Ondřej surely is one of those Eustorians who would … Continue reading

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“Finnish people have a strong sense of independence and a need for space” – Anna about the challenges of feeling European at the margin of Europe

Name: Anna Sievälä Age: 21 Hometown: Joensuu Country: Finland EUSTORY experiences: Youth Academy in Switzerland 2010, Alumni project “25 years after Chernobyl” in Berlin 2011 Actual occupation/studies: Studies European Law and Administration of Integration and German and English in the … Continue reading

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