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The voices of Young Europeans

Additionally to the posts we are publishing here, we started a new forum where we give young Europeans a space to write about debates in their countries and to discuss current European issues. Check it out:

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Window painting the End of an Empire: The Fall of Yugoslavia

Without any further ado…

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You can leave your map on

Among many other interesting  – and before unexperienced – challenges, our participants also took the roles of geography/history lecturers, who presented shifts in the borders of their countries as well as the reasons, causes and the consequences created by changing … Continue reading

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ESA = Eustory Seminar Animates: Explaining complex topics

From the moment we conceptualized the Alumni Seminar in Ronda we were planning on having Animates explaining complex topics as a final result, similar to those, produced by the Royal Society of Art (London). The idea was to make a … Continue reading

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